Book Club: Sideways Stories from Wayside School

Sideways Stories from Wayside School, by Louis Sachar

Discussion Questions

1. Who was your favorite character? Which story was your favorite?

2. Did you think the book was funny? What made it funny? What was the funniest part?

3. Could you relate to any of the characters, or were they just too weird? Do you know anyone who is like one of the characters? Would you want to be friends with any of the students in the book?

4. If someone were going to write a story about YOU, what kind of quirks would they write about? (Joe doesn’t know how to count, Rondi doesn’t have front teeth, DJ smiles all the time…)

5. What would your ice cream flavor taste like?

6. Would you want to go to Wayside School? Do you think you’d learn a lot there? Do you think it would be fun?


First: TRIVIA!

Next: While we eat PIZZA, pick a partner and make a list of funny things that have happened at YOUR school, then tell a story about it to the rest of the group!

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